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every language modelling paper should have unconditioned text samples in the appendix simply because I would like to read them

all I've seen so far are fixed probably distributions, but for range coding and similar the distribution can change over time. how does ANS handle that, like with the apparently Super Fast tabled variant?

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was reading about asymmetric number systems and I thought I'd ask since I have some compression people following me: how do you use ANS when your probability distribution changes as you compress?

anyone gonna use a diffusion model to generate text or...

In the mathematical discipline of set theory, forcefemming is a technique for proving consistency and independence results

if you add javascript to your website that adds smooth scrolling you're going to hell before you die

I adore the idea of a doordash restaurant that just sells little containers of brine

this chart, designed by Joseph Mindard, depicts Napoleon's failed 1861 invasion of Russia and is considered one of the best charts ever made

twitter bios are either "father, schemer, aspiring rat king" or "ill bite your cock off for 30 dollars"

can an hdmi cable carry multiple video signals or just one?

"wow y'all, pat yourselves on the back. we're like imagineers but for trauma"

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