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I'm thinking you could spin a pretty successful marketing campaign around an energy drink that has a little bit of formaldehyde in it. call it "undead energy" or some shit

a music genre called medicore i.e. mediocre but two letters are switched

you know what? you have my permission to kin me after I die

bitte korrigieren sie mein sehr schlechtes Deutsch

ich kann nicht glauben, dass ich dieses seite (meisten) verstehen kann

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I'm tempted to learn toki pona but ich will kein Deutsch vergessen

conlang where each noun is just a different gender for conjugation

a guy who goes on fedex dot com's virtual assistant and spams "thanks!" until they feel better

lyric writing and shitposting are identical tasks

@SuricrasiaOnline also imho the aesthetic of their website is "we saw death stranding & thought that would be a cool future to make"

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