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I gotta say that logo is the most "are we the baddies?" shit ever

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cant wait for founder and CEO and CTO and co-founder and CPO of helsing to ram a balistic missile so far up my ass that I see god

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got my ass kicked by the helsing democracy AI in roblox and no I'm not cryuing

why does the opening of true trans soul rebel make me think of the opening of the tv show kids in the hall

akinator technically knows about shark blackle mori but it's quite hard to get

tell me a song you like and I'll give you a song to listen to (MAX 10 PEOPLE)

@SuricrasiaOnline starting drama (beginning on a draft for a classical theater play)

my modus operandi for finding new music back then was to mass download netlables and listen to them all on shuffle while doing other stuff, then sometimes one will catch my interest

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whenever you feel left out of something the best option is to do your own thing

I want to participate in the spotify thing but I don't have spotify. so your girl made do

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