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what is your favourite CLI argument parsing library for C++?

currently working on a cryptographic protocol for a very peculiar problem

to be fair the transistors are still doubling, it's just that single thread speeds have stalled

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moore's law fandom is dying, share this if you're a true moore head

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the best post genre is posting about drama which didn't, isn't, and will never happen

note this is a very serial operation that doesn't benefit greatly from paralellization

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question: how much faster do you expect a general computer 50 years from now to perform some long, cpu-bound task (e.g. iteratively computing a hash function on some value)

watching that Omelas movie. outstanding performance by Shahadi Wright Joseph

you don't get this meme yet, but <most popular meme of 2044> is the new <most popular meme of 2043>

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you could schedule more nuanced statements for the future by asking the language model yes or no questions, and filling out each path

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you could automate this by using a language model, since language models will likely be updated with updated information in the future

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"currently watching <most popular movie of 2044> rn, <lead actor of most popular movie of 2044> is killing it"

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for example, I could write "the most popular movie of 2044 is ____". the blank can't be filled yet, but I can use the blank as a word in sentences with the expectation that it will be filled with the right value when the time comes

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it occurred to me the other day that you can ask the future questions and get a result, but you can't see the result yet.

thinking about the time I registered the youtube account "TwinPeaksVEVO" to post a funny clip from the show but now the band called "Twin Peaks" had to register "TwinPeaksMusicVEVO"

coffee drinkers be like crunch crunch crunch yummy bean (idk ive never dranken coffee)

when's a good time to buy coffee for someone for christmas? how quickly does it go bad??

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