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"You know a guy?" You say, leaning back into the leather bistro chair.

"I know two guys," says Radio Shack, eyeing your eyes

spoke with my cousin in law this weekend about gender and I really feel like a spiritual guide sometimes

the universe is cold and uncaring but human compassion is not

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I think all that stuff sorta influenced my outlook on life. like exposed early that there's REALLY dark shit in the world makes you sit with the question "how do we make a better world?"

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feel a large amount of kinship with the kids of the short story "different kinds of darkness" who took turns looking at a fractal that can kill you, just in my and my friends case it was scrolling through the "offended" ed page (do not research)

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someone in a server I'm in posted a copypasta about a cyberattack happening today where people send you gore and unholy images and I'm like, buddy, it can't be anything I haven't already seen when I was a tween growing up on the mid 2000s internet

I ended up listening to "my favourite theorem" on the 4 hour bus ride I was on yesterday and it was pretty good

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YOU are Princess Magic, expert marksman and level 10 sorceress. Your stand is Bubble Star, a .308 caliber sniper rifle. It never misses, and neither do you. You can summon it at any moment by saying "Bubble Star Reunite!" With you is your friend, lover, and bodyguard: Miss Killer. She has super strength and can go BERSERK MODE. Other than that you're a pretty normal princess, except for maybe the rose gold power armor you wear everywhere you go.

anyone know any good advanced programming or mathematics podcasts

very "tied to a chair while the villain monologues" energy

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I remember one that teased you about it too, popping up confirm boxes asking if you want to leave, then pretending you hit "no"

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anyone remember those websites which would open up 1000 javascript alert messages one after another, and because of the way internet explorer worked you couldn't leave?

the worst code I've written in a while was a c struct called "MultiLDSCoroutine" and it's as bad as it sounds

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