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This Is Not A Place Of Honor, No Clout Can Be Gained Here

Managing Your Trauma Through The Art Of Girlbossing

if I knew that I would have to do psychic battle with a strigine egregore every day of my life I may have thought twice about starting duolingo's german course

(I'm putting the link in a thread bc twitter tends to hide my posts if they have a link to my site in them >_<)

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in case you missed it: I made a little SVG "game" that lets you change the colours of two cartoon drawings

(link in thread)

(honestly I like the video more than the song. I want to rerecord/remaster the song one of these days)

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trying to think of the last programming language I tried, and it may have been gbforth

writing a raytracer is surprisingly easy if you've written a raytracer 30 times

also there's a "most WTF tool for the job" and this is where we get cmake raytracers and powerpoint turing machines and I think it's just grand

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I'm a believer that you can program anything in any language, but often there is a "best tool for the job," and also there is a "most interesting tool for the job," and they're often not equal

I'm allowed to refuse libraries because the only stuff I do are personal projects, so I can afford to waste time rolling my own slider UI code. I wouldn't recommend it if you want to do a lot of stuff fast

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one thing about HTML/CSS/JS is I generally refuse to use anything but vanilla JS. this is because 30% of the time you need to use a bundling tool to even use a particular library, and my optimal IDE and build system is "save and refresh chrome"

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python is great because of the concept of "idomatic python," where there is really one way to do things and often it's the most readable way

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I love C++ because of the standard library. lots of really cool stuff to use there. also it's been around for so long all of its pitfalls and best practices are well documented

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