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I think I'm gonna need to just, find a black dress that has a similar style and sew on lace myself, and get the apron separately

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I ordered a maid outfit and it has the same plasticy fabric as the one I bought 4 years ago and I'm disappointed

it would be cool to use AI generated imagery as digital painting studies

I think the human race deserves more robots with massive thighs

p=np but in order to solve a problem P-time you need to come up with a new false but plausible proof that p=np

thinking about the university of iapetus eternal depths borehole archive

@SuricrasiaOnline counterexamples in topology by steen and seebach for me, hands down

what's a technical book you've read that has the highest concentration of arcane knowledge? for me it is "operating systems: design & implementation" by tanenbaum

what is a programming language you expect to still have wide support 20 years from now, such that code written now is still executable with no modifications, without needing to install an old interpeter/compiler?

mastodon is at its peak when you follow >1000 people and have boosts hidden

was playing with art breeder tonight and made this wild character

@SuricrasiaOnline “nobody can know my secret” but in the sense that mortals cannot comprehend it

nobody... can know... my secret 😤
literally every one of my friends: "WE KNOW"

sussy_baka_69... the bravest man I ever knew...

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