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mom says it's my turn on the nuclear satan crystal

I love every time a pad printing machine crosses the timeline because everyone will say "OwO machine titty" and they're right

the hershey's chocolate world charity stream is apparently happening

"To date this season, 73 influenza detections have been reported (Figure 2), which is significantly lower than the past six seasons where an average of 51,942 influenza detections were reported for the season to date." damn

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probably a wild time to be an influenza researcher

I really need to submit a PR to pinafore to enable boost confirmation

sometimes u just gotta lie in bed and listen to music

today I learned demoscene war stories are apparently very impressive to other developers

my face dysphoria is strangely sensitive to how exactly my hair is parted/framing my face that day

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whenever I feel face dysphoric I say "I've got a jodie foster jawline and I'm gonna kick ass" to myself in the mirror and it helps!!!

It'd be nice if every "egg" meme on Twitter everyone is so into didn't involve a stereotypical feminine anime boy as a starting point.

forgot everything I knew about proportion when I drew this lmao

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nothing more powerful than undoing and redoing a retweet

I adore the idea of hearing this and the level of confusion at the phrase "ceiling orgy" like WTF COULD THAT EVEN BE

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"hey are you free? we need a sixth for our ceiling orgy"

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