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It just sends me back to how hopeless I felt when I was searching for HRT the first time. Why do doctors treat drug-seeking behaviour as some sign of impiety when we need these drugs to live?

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It just reminds me that my doctor is in a position of power over me since this is the only (legal) way to get hormones by body literally needs since it doesn't produce any others.

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They clearly did this so I would accept the appointment when they called me. I've made my appointments in the past I don't get why they had to do it this way. It feels so agressive.

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I have a phone appointment with my HRT prescribing doctor tomorrow. They only gave me 4 weeks of estrogen instead of the normal 6 months and I'm already almost out.

Being send to camh and waiting for 4 years isn't going to make sense. at least I got my hormones elsewhere before then because they sure don't prescribe them (despite what literally every family doctor seems to think)

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Being stuck on a waitlist for like 2 years is never going to make sense

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I gotta stop thinking about how I would have gotten hormones sooner than I did. No amount of planning for how I would've done things different in the past is going to change it

like it would just come on the radio and ppl would be like "nice rick astley" but now it's forever the "rickroll song"

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obsessed with the idea that prior to like, 2006 this song was just a normal song with no anomalous cultural connotation

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just found myself singing along to never gonna give you up

@SuricrasiaOnline egregore gf and energumen gf (egregore galois field and energumen galois field)

whenever I walk around outside these days I feel like I'm in the epilogue of a speculative fiction story and the author is trying to make catharsis

thinking about how I was planning to visit the west coast in 2020 to hang out with masto people but of course we had to have this global pandemic

that time I was on the revision 2018 shuttle bus and the guy I was talking to suddenly said "wait a minute, you're blackle from mastodon!"

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