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*commentating over flopine's shader with my anglo-canadian accent*
someone in chat: flopine is coding and commentating at the same time???

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the amount of people who kept confusing me with flopine in the shader showdown (probably just because I have a femme voice) was very funny

99% of my knowledge of glsl are things to do in the fragment shader

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does anyone know of any tutorials or blog posts about procedurally generating geometry in the vertex shader? is this what tessellation is for?

is there a (useful) finite number that is so big we haven't been able to formulate an upper bound for it?

tonight I might see if I can do a technical thing which might make or break my idea

mid 2000s webcomic artists either get milkshake ducked, get into NFTs, or get *really* horny

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learning that the author of your favourite webcomic growing up is drawing queer porn now is honestly the best case scenario

I wonder if I can recreate the "raytracing in one weekend" picture without having read "raytracing in one weekend"

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