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does anyone else think too much about all the cycles spent compiling the minecraft java bytecode to x86?

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does anyone else think too much about all the wasted cycles on all the web servers in the world working through their interpreted languages?

things I wish that khronos would add to GLSL:

- passing a single vecN into min or max gives the min/max element
- matN constructor that takes a vecN and produces a matrix with the vector as the diagonal
- give us matrix functions to give the cofactor and adjugate. you will rarely need them but when you need them you *really* need them

Flopine won the round with an awesome shader! Next round is in ~4 hours against flopine and monsieur soleil!

fieldfx shader showdown is starting in 5 minutes!

I'll be helping commentating the first round c:

I can feel people responding to this with "well what about people entering the space who are assholes"

sometimes making a welcoming environment involves kicking out bad actors. use your judgement

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Here's a fun fact: you don't create good spaces by gatekeeping, you create good spaces by creating a welcoming atmosphere where people can be themselves and do what they want

@SuricrasiaOnline i know of quite a few institutions that would love to get their hands on pre-nuke steel :)

hey y'all! I'm going back in time 3000 years, does anyone need anything?

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