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fieldfx shader showdown is starting in 5 minutes!

I'll be helping commentating the first round c:

I can feel people responding to this with "well what about people entering the space who are assholes"

sometimes making a welcoming environment involves kicking out bad actors. use your judgement

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Here's a fun fact: you don't create good spaces by gatekeeping, you create good spaces by creating a welcoming atmosphere where people can be themselves and do what they want

Mastodon no don't be hostile to a wave of new users challenge

I believe in you. This time you can do it

@SuricrasiaOnline i know of quite a few institutions that would love to get their hands on pre-nuke steel :)

hey y'all! I'm going back in time 3000 years, does anyone need anything?

bonzomatic is basically the holophonor from futurama don't @ me

classique: rendering a scene using geometry made out of triangles, and shading it using phong

nouveau: rendering a single big triangle that covers the screen and using the shader processor to do raytracing on a completely different scene, then shading that raytraced procedural geometry using phong

the moon was already cursed when the united states got its imperialism all over it

once again plagued by the absolute dearth of "it/its" pronoun pins

anger with the world manifesting as my diatribes about morality

morality shouldn't be incentive-based. you shouldn't need an incentive to be good

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