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bonzomatic is basically the holophonor from futurama don't @ me

classique: rendering a scene using geometry made out of triangles, and shading it using phong

nouveau: rendering a single big triangle that covers the screen and using the shader processor to do raytracing on a completely different scene, then shading that raytraced procedural geometry using phong

the moon was already cursed when the united states got its imperialism all over it

once again plagued by the absolute dearth of "it/its" pronoun pins

anger with the world manifesting as my diatribes about morality

morality shouldn't be incentive-based. you shouldn't need an incentive to be good

this has been plaguing me since I wrote my first raymarcher in 2016

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this means if you make a video that is problematic you don't necessarily have to delete it.

like some takes are so bad you gotta delete them, but others its good to keep the context up so the discussion and learning that occurred remains for posterity

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opening every youtube video with "in the event that sometime in the future I find that my statements in this video are incorrect, a card will appear in the corner linking to a video covering the errata"

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thinking about the many ways you can interact with social media with the assumption that your knowledge or opinion will change in the future

if you're in an all-white space and something racist comes up and you're worried about calling it out because you're "not qualified," please think about how that furthers antiracism

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just because you're white doesn't mean you're not be qualified to know or talk about BIPOC oppression, you just have to know when to shut up and listen

tell me a cute fact about yourself and I'll tell you that you're cute

thinking about writing an article about photorealism and SDF modelling

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