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I'm getting a lot of interesting responses here. what I think is interesting is some parts of them point out the *how* is flawed. i.e. automation is flawed.

but I didn't mention automation. I just said "would having no scarcity be good when it means there is no reason a person *must* do something or die."

I think it might be interesting to think about how that could ever be possible. maybe there are other solutions than just automation

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sometimes I just wanna be a little fleck of being that does nothing but intake information and output art and expression

@LadyKIBI @SuricrasiaOnline I think it depends how you read that “no one”. There’s labour that needs doing so we can all survive and thrive, but no individual person’s access to what they need to survive and thrive should depend on their ability to labour.

@SuricrasiaOnline Personal scale: an international auxilliary sign language. For deaf and for hearing people. Make use of the sign language socially obligatory in potentially noisy situations like big crowds.

curious how people feel about the ultimate goal of humanity being a post-scarcity world where not a single person needs to labour to survive


A theater company that develops in an ethical and transparent way, and who's output goes entirely into the creative commons.

I feel like maybe there is a lot of "intro to shaders for beginners" but not a lot of "intermediate stuff for people who know the basics"

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@SuricrasiaOnline a university where there are no grades and anyone is allowed to teach or attend any class as long as they perform some minimum amount of service to keep the uni running. Instead of a formal degree you would say "spent X years at Y university studying Z"

if I did like, tutorial videos about how to recreate some of my shaders, would anyone be interested?

artists are one of the most important jobs next to garbage collection and farming

fun fact: I would not be alive today had it not been for medical technology

I sure wish people wouldn't spam my shadertoy in which I have an alien say "black lives matter" with "all lives matter"

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