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it would be really ironic if revision 2020, themed around being at home, was cancelled and everyone had to stay home

another vague memory of a news story I read: a taiwanese (nepalese?) person/team at some conference (art gallery?) somewhere gets their placard removed and replaced with a version that has their country of origin missing or renamed to be in line with the CPC. however, other people with placards of their own cut up letters from their countries to stitch back together into the original country name

I specifically remember a phrase like "iceland donated their 'a'"

because that's praxis

iirc she also compared the estrogen to a "nuclear bomb" in that it was a completely world changing thing for her

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a long time ago I read a biography of a trans woman from somewhere around the 60s-80s and she lied to a university dispensary about a steroid experiment on animals she was doing in order to get estrogen for herself.

does anyone else remember this?

fun fact: according to the DNS RFC, every domain name ends in an implicit dot, which references the top level of domains.

i.e. `` is equivalent to ``

usually you will get redirected to the regular domain, but sometimes you'll just get the same page just all your cookies will be gone and sometimes the ssl cert is broken

saying urls like "cybre period space" instead of "cybre dot space"

scared myself by listening to a lot of scp videos and then undid the fear by listening to @selontheweb and @hyperlink talk about david lynch's declassified school survival guide

thank you both for your service

I've had this thought that is like: does every space-optimizing data structure correspond to a speed-optimizing data structure and vice versa?

then I realize the thought doesn't really make much sense

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performance improvements are just space compression along the time axis

storage improvements are just performance acceleration across the space axis

I made a iomanip-like c++ library for adding truecolor to output streams (requires a terminal that supports 24-bit truecolor)

I wrote a program to show which bytes of an lzma compressed file take up the most space C:

bright red = higher perplexity in the range coder = more bits were needed to encode that section

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