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once demosplash is over I'm going to try and modify bonzomatic to render at 1/2 size so that my streams are faster

would anyone enjoy a follow-along introduction to shaders stream?

*seeing people do computer graphics in the TL*

did you know: International Shipping is CC0 licensed?

use it however the fuck you want uwu

other places that this would be cool:

-> a passenger jet
-> a cargo ship
-> a mine shaft elevator

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I'm fascinated by the image of a coach bus whose chairs have all been removed and replaced with server racks, the aisle still wide enough to walk down

I should make a "reject corporate presence in your social spaces" sticker

@SuricrasiaOnline your shader stream the other day inspired me to write a little webgl thing: ☺️

a harry potter AU where they're a computer science student at the end of moore's law and their prophetic destiny is to make resource optimization cool again

planning on going to the airport very early so I can get past security and spend the time waiting for the flight practising shaders

going on a flight tomorrow. I'm going to be in the sky

thinking about what my TL would be like if I enabled boosts and the thought terrifies me

everyone always asks "what's updog?" but nobody ever asks "how's updog?" :blobsad:

I will always fall for "updog" style jokes because we all need a good laugh

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