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does anyone know of a good/cheap place to host a python flask server?


@sunsetmoth because they're a good
@unascribed good deer
@maples a very good and cute bun who deserves love
@Siphonay Wow ! It's Dog !
@pupy woof!
@SuricrasiaOnline Hello, and welcome to my class on Diverging Jort Memes from Audial Infohazards 101. I hope you have read the attached syllab

I live my life in the content mines, spending my hours knocking off chunks of that sweet sweet relatable bedrock, to be later processed into even sweeter, memeable yellowcake

If you went back in time to the 1700s and all you had on your person was a paperback book of all the tweets posted by the Velveeta® social media account, you could PROBABLY take over the world.

*becomes wario* is the first line on my cover letter when I apply for jobs

a medieval commoner after having all of the super mario brothers lore beamed into his brain: WAAAAA *becomes wario*

I'd love to play one of those micro tabletop games like "jason statham's vacation" or "jolene"

as I've been saying, they should update cyberpunk tabletop to change the classes to be stuff like "postfurries" and "demosceners"

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the only fantasy I read growing up was harry potter which is arguably modern fantasy

I watched the polygon video where they play cyberpunk red and it seemed fun. I liked how it was mostly talking and only at the very end did they actually have to fight anyone. and even then there were lots of wrinkles that stopped it from being a boring back and forth of giving and taking damage

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I DM'd a game once and it went... ok

it was DnD 4E and, because I have very little intuition about fantasy settings, I kept saying stuff like "a motorcade of trucks drives by" and all the players yell "WHAT I THOUGHT THIS WAS MEDIEVAL FANTASY"

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I'd love to play a sci-fi tabletop with people but I have nobody to play with 😩


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