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normative decision theory has some neat things like. it distinguishes (quite clearly) between decisions where you don't know anything about the relative probabilities of the outcomes, and assuming that the probabilities are evenly distributed

also there's the whole thing about scales of measurement

this is jargony what I mean is I like theories that can measure exactly how good a decision is, and can help you find the best decision based on some assumptions/values. however this goes against my preference for people not telling me what to do

normative theories of decision making are kinda cool, despite the fact that I generally dislike prescriptivism

I want to hang out with mothman at the mall and watch them do kickflips while I slurp on my big gulp

anyway check out my userstyle that gives everyone forum signatures

h/t to @woomy for the idea

Suricrasia Online uses the Tit-For-Tat Cooperation Strategy

Pro tip: If you follow everyone back and unfollow those who unfollow you, you don't have to fret about your follower ratio because it will always be 1:1

when are they gonna add voynich manuscript symbols to unicode

I will literally play any game that lets you play as a shark girl, mods needed or not

one of those commercials that show a phone being assembled in a black void without the help of human hands, but instead of a phone it is an unknown device with unknown makers

I will walk as far as light has gone
Since the year I was born
To spend another night with you
Under the star you call home

Unicode 12 will include U+1FA73 🩳 SHORTS, and so I suggest a new ZWJ sequence: U+1F456 JEANS + U+200D ZERO WIDTH JOINER + U+1FA73 SHORTS, which should be rendered as JORTS (alias jean shorts)

Coming soon to Pinafore: switch to an instance directly from the "Instances" setting page, thanks to an excellent contribution by @SuricrasiaOnline

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