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Please don't mock people who are exploring their identity, doing their own thing, aren't hurting anyone, and just having a good time.

Even if you think what they're doing is impermissible, mocking produces a toxic environment. It can cause more collateral damage than you think.

The Reason For The Season Is To Give Art To Your Sneepsnart

Hello everyone! In case you didn't see, registrations are now open!!!

You will register by email this year. The following page should explain everything!

Get ready to Sneepsnort!

❗Sneepsnop Registrations are now open! They will close on the 15th!❗

Use the following internet website to submit your information for this year's Secret Sneepsnop!

Most, if not all of the information is on that page, but I will also be posting it this thread!

❄️ Exciting! ❄️

🎁 Hello Everyone! 🎁

We'll be doing Mastodon Secret Sneepsnop yet again this year!

The Secret Sneepsnop is like Secret Santa except it's a Sneepsnop! It's an entirely digital gift exchange for the winter season~

More details to follow, Stay tuned!

⚠️ Please note: This year the Sneepsnop (and therefore this account) is being run by @SuricrasiaOnline!

We at Suricrasia Online are working on... something...

'deweaponizing compassion' sounds like the title of a book in suricrasia online's library tbh

Smack that fave button if you've ever been drawing in real life and instinctively tried to type "ctrl+z" on an imaginary keyboard when you made a mistake

Tab widths by alignment:

Lawful Good: 4 spaces
Chaotic Good: 1 space
True Neutral: 2 spaces
Lawful Evil: 8 spaces
Chaotic Evil: 5 spaces

this is what computers are and it's pretty fucked up

I've been mashing F5 on the new horizons news center page since August

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