@ChlorideCull I used to try to hack together my own denoising using the bilateral blur filter. it never looked good

hard to believe people actually used blender before the denoising tech

CW: very cursed science diagram depicting a human face that has been machine-optimized to look like a monkey

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"adversarial images for the primate brain" is the most deeply cursed paper ever

@zens @kepstin a lot of that, and also google's material design philosophy

@zens @kepstin smooth gradients on buttons is a rare design choice on the web these days, I find

the mesaoptimization problem feels like a trusting-trust attack even though it isn't

belle (2021) spoilers 

I watched the emotional climax scene again and I want to recut it so bad oh my god

it is so emotionally confused

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@confusedcharlot @noiob for expected time it's the integral of the PDF*time. for some probability distributions it is undefined but for many it has a value

if I had a vase of 1000 balls, and I keep randomly sampling 10 balls at a time, what's the expected time until I see all of the balls?

gross (and I'm not sure how sorry I am...) 

@not_on_pizza actually less, bc of fluid dynamics

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