participating in shader showdown at solskogen tomorrow O:!!!

can we please all stop insulting people based on their appearance

cramcoding is when you memorize a bunch of code and then dump it

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we've got perfcoding
we've got sizecoding
get ready for: fastcoding

don't forget that nearly every enjoyment you have outside of work is because someone fought for it. that every benefit is because someone fought for it.

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this language is designed to fool you into thinking that moral reasoning has a place in capitalism. it does not. it's only purpose would be to placate you. so refuse to be placated

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have you ever noticed how every argument for a company to do any little thing that would be good and right ends with "and it will improve profits in the long run" ?

that's because every argument has to be framed in the profit motive, or it will not happen

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your daily reminder that a company is incapable of making a moral decision if it won't make them money

my default programming font is a monospace version of comic sans

:boost_ok: Interested in shader coding? Want to learn how to do it? Fill out the Suricrasia Online Shader Coding Seminar Preliminary Interest Survey! 🎨πŸ’₯🦈

Based on the responses I might do some kind of teaching thing for shader coding!

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