the word "humans" implies the existence of other mans, such as germans, pokemans, and "whose mans is this"

millenials are killing maid outfits, just fucking killing it, killing it in those maid outfits

are you a commemorative sword lesbian
or a decorative gourd lesbian

I'm a pragmatist. since the only thing to make my computer stable is to run a stress test, I've got one running in the background while I do my work today

@iliana this website is great for that. also: microsoft office 2000 and below are available as a CD rip on the internet archive. they usually include the key too

:brain1: posting on mastodon
:brain2: sending DMs on mastodon
:brain3: using DMs without recipients to save drafts
:brain4: using DMs without recipients to keep notes
:brain6: using DMs without recipients to copy & paste across computers

@garbados I always drank it when I was over there. it's fine. just don't do it if there is a sign that says "kein trink wasser" anywhere near the tap

@ky0ko I used to use arch in highschool and the only reason why I switched to debian was because it was exam season and arch broke my graphics driver. I'm in a much better place now and could probably switch over full time again

@ky0ko I was even considering violating my principles and trying windows on bare metal, but I heard windows hardly lets the cpu idle anyway

@ky0ko ftr the default linux kernel version on debian 10 is 4.19

@ky0ko I upgraded to linux 5.4 and it was still unstable. but yeah I'm definitely going to try a different os too

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