anyone have that thing where you see a piece of art and ur like "yeah a trans girl made this" and then you look it up and sure enough

searching "earth day nft" to put myself on tilt

I keep going biphasic by accident I hate it hate it hate it hate it

I love math papers:

"3 Running forward with eyes closed
In this section we shall show that the Angel of sufficiently large power can defeat the Nice

@hierarchon I think it's all personal. I would say I value art, music, etc, and I value time and tools I can use to make art. I also value human compassion and safety

I think the philosophy conflict between pro-crypto and anti-crypto people is I don't believe something has value because it is scarce. citing economic theory from the 1800s is not going to change my value system

@ignaloidas I personally would prefer bitcoin to not use this much energy. I don't think "proof that the ledger is consistent" is so valuable that it necessitates this much energy usage. and it's only increasing, when does the madness end

@halcy idk but this one is using the full model of original gpt-2 on the cpu and it runs quite fast

@maemachinebroke unfortunately it didn't really generate anything funny 😔

I got the gpt2c program working with the large model and it will just generate entire SCP articles from "Item #: SCP-420"

@ignaloidas yeah, I don't expect you to give me raw numbers, but it is something I would expect from a whitepaper. as it stands, the whitepaper just reads as wishful thinking. the closest actionable thing I can glean from the paper is "lets install ASICs behind metering systems that only mine while renewable supply is high. that will result in >51% hash rate and so bitcoin will be green"

but even then they say that those ASICs would run continuously to start in order to stay profitable 😬

@ignaloidas cheap, continuous, dirty electricty is how you get 33% of the global hash rate running off one coal fired power plant in xinjiang

@ignaloidas I'd love to see how strongly the price difference would need to be to fight the incentive for a miner to run continuously. it would also need to be global since miners that can afford to run continuously will get a luck boost while the miners following the duck curve reduce their hash rate to follow the energy supply

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