every time I interact with someone on here who also uses it/its my heart glows

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I think it's good to remember that language is ultimately a form of data transmission, so you'll never get 0 perplexity on a sentence, there's a minimum number of bits which represents the information that is being expressed

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if you're curious what I'm talking about this paper does a good job explaining what text degeneration is arxiv.org/pdf/1904.09751.pdf

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idk who needs to hear this, but neural text degeneration happens because maximizing likelihood of a generated sentence is equivalent to minimizing entropy. so you're basically asking for generated text that contains *no* information

I made another music mix, this time featuring hand-drawn animations for each song!

shout out to blender's "import images as planes" which was instrumental in the animating process


someone pls ping me when openai releases the dall-e paper

Happy Arbor Day everyone, and have a Merry Halloween 🤗

I just added full text search. It's not indexed or anything but it does work!

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