@SuricrasiaOnline what’s the difference between a duck?

One of its legs is both the same

@SuricrasiaOnline a better example is "more people have been to russia than i have"

y'all are sleepin on these colourless green ideas, smdh

produce a sentence that contains no information but sounds like it does

I like my women like I like my coffee: in me as soon as possible to alleviate crippling chemical withdrawal

I'm really putting the "O no" in "big O notation"

victorian ankles were the original absolute territory

So some Neos guys were looking at this earlier:
(but as a screenshot in-world)

Congrats @SuricrasiaOnline you have successfully entered VR cyberspace and I immediately lost it (as in laughing) when I realised who made it.

warm and cozy singles in your area ready to crawl under the covers tonight

Have confirmed that my family owned an egg cuber, possibly obtained at the Easter Show

sex house spoilers 

the best thing about sex house is that it goes in a different direction than you'd expect

the worst thing is since it's best to go in blind, I can't introduce people to it with this screenshot

@jalefkowit at least yahoo answers didn't pretend to be full of experts

I love how quora bills itself as a forum for experts but half of the responses are from randos saying stuff like "yes, sex is a physiological need" and "food tasted better in the past because they didn't have genetical engineering"

11.22.63 spoilers 

I'm pretty sure you could edit the show down to a 2 hour movie. I hate it when a show is like that, because you realize most of it is filler

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