my goal is to someday have the job title "SDF Witch"

yoooooo I just went thrifting with some cool people and got some cool stuff and it was rad!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love it so very much if you could exist outside without being advertised to or forced to walk 10 minutes in order to find a place to sit

@siennaslate danke! aber, ich hatte das Wort mit ein Wörterbuch für dieses post gerade gelernt

@SuricrasiaOnline "der mensch ist des menschen arsch" ~ thomas hobbes 1588-1679

mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, insbesondere meinen Wortschatz

I'm sorry sir, your daughter is a fish now. there is nothing we can do..

@Owlor I couldn't say, all I could say is I would love to have a fursuit and I would also love to have a wearable wooden box on my head

my wisdom is to do things your past self would be embarrassed about

david bowie's new career in a new town is an isekai

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