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so I'm imagining an alternate universe where if you loaded a web page's SVG source in a graphics editor, you'd be able to see all the libraries it uses arranged in a neat row just outside the canvas extents

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you could imagine that these scripts, because they can be tied to graphics, could be distributed with flashy logos. copying the logo into another SVG file would bring the code with it

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some more interesting moons. the last one is "full moon close up hd desktop wallpaper trending on artstation" for @cadence

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some more but with the prompt "Full Moon NASA APOD"

it seems to have generated a dinner plate for one of them

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I asked an image generating AI to generate "Full moon - high res" three times, giving it the same grey circle as a starting point

CLIP+guided diffusion images are so hyperreal they're freaking me out. here's one:

I used Guided Diffusion + CLIP to add detail back to Adam Sandler's face from the promotional photo for the movie Click (2006)!

cw: pictures with flesh in them 

experiment two
this one really changed the picture a lot

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