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the other day I came home to find my robot vacuum to be missing from its little charging cradle. I looked around and found the bathroom door to be closed. I opened it and was greeted with this.

Yes, it is wedged between the toilet and the counter. And yes, that is a sock on its main navigational camera. I have no idea how it got there.

New Horizons looks a bit like that fellow from Gravity Falls

I love the idea of a witch using mathematical optimization techniques to find the best placement of runes and glyphs in her spell circle, like how computer simulations of plasma flow gave rise to the 5-fold symmetry of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator

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Ethical Calculus on the Astral Manifold - Alexis Miller


This book is intended as a text for a second or third level undergraduate course in introductory ethical calculus or morality science. Ethical Calculus on the Astral Manifold demonstrates foundational concepts of ZFC+DMR axiomatic moral theory in particularly novel ways. Join an autonomous car as it journeys across the utility isosurface, restricted in phase-space by the physical constraints of spacetime...

What's this? A new book? Just in time for the holidays?

What's this? It's not even close to a holiday today? Nonsense! Every day you get a book is a holiday!

Thank you to @garbados for the title and author!

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