:boost_ok: Interested in shader coding? Want to learn how to do it? Fill out the Suricrasia Online Shader Coding Seminar Preliminary Interest Survey! 🎨💥🦈

Based on the responses I might do some kind of teaching thing for shader coding!


in lieu of posting the actual prod (which my brain desperately wants me to do) here is an extremely zoomed in view of the 4k gfx entry that I just submitted to solskogen 2020, which will be shown next weekend!

this is why when disney made their principled shading model they purposefully added some parameters that would be impossible in the real world. in particular "specular tint"

check out their paper (page 12) disney-animation.s3.amazonaws.

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"Lord Oculon's Birthday"

Shader programmed in 1 hour 30 minutes for Nova's shader freestyle c:


here's a little math puzzle, how would you define a function that's like a triangle wave, but the further from the origin you get, the further the peaks of the wave get from each other? plus, the slope of the line is always -1 or 1

I made a shader on evvvvil's stream and then spent the rest of the evening improving on it c:


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