there is a selection bias because I picked this building since it was already on zillow, but the fact that this works consistently is worrisome

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tetra and I are playing a game we invented and even though the rules are ostensibly simple, the results look like we're hacking the gibson

poster for the party we're throwing in the unknown armies game

I bought a utah teapot and I guess I didn't pay attention to the volume because it's so small 🥹

#8 Front Mission Evolved for PC

I like to punch the tanks with my fire breath

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#7 Septagram Decision Engine Workstation 1998 for PC

open world morality/normative decision theory designer. 1998 was the best version, come at me.

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#6 Simulacrum Cityworld 20003 for MS DOS

hard to find a good screenshot of this. shareware game I found a long time ago. kinda like sim city but different in ways I'm not allowed to describe

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#5 Dead Ferret Dentist for the Nintendo DS

great game. I didn't actually own a nintendo DS so I had to borrow one from my sister's friend. was playing this when I was struck by lighting and died. after I died UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK

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#4 Under The Dimming Sun for the PS2

yeah im weird. I actually like this game. it's good once you get past the character creator with a rom hack. very LSD dream emulator. shame it was responsible for the cataclysmic timestop

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#3 TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Router (standalone)

I know it's kinda weird to include one of those consoles that only have one game on them, but this one is awesome. it's a kind of spreadsheet/stats/optimization puzzler a la zachtronics.

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#2 My Elegiac Nightmare for the PS2

the local spank heads games was having a clearance sale back in 2008 and I picked this up. really fun gameplay for what is effectively a SHMUP VN with light puzzle elements. had an online asymmetric battle arena mode!

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#1 CSI Furry Forensics for the PS2

got this game bundled with the PS2. what a title. you've got mystery, intrigue, and cute cats. shame it's so hard to find now.

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