(please don't boost) Ok everyone! I'm going to start doing a followers-only weekly merch giveaway! Every Monday I will select a random person who faved this toot and send them a Suricrasia Online Mug or Suricrasia Online T-Shirt (their choice, I'll get into contact directly for preference/shipping info/shirt sizing).

If you don't like raffles, you can "pay to win" by buying them yourself. They're as cheap as I can make them!


come to fambercombie and itch in the next 10 minutes if you want a womans xl suricrasia online tshirt

We've heard reports that pen testers love to get vintage AT&T shirts to help them blend in as maintenance workers. We at Suricrasia Online were offended to hear this! What's so good about AT&T? Why not Suricrasia Online?! Is it because we don't have an official shirt? Is that it?!

Well that won't be a problem for much longer! We are proud to announce our new official Suricrasia Online T-Shirt, brought to you by RedBubble!

Buy yours today!


I'd been kicking this idea around in my head and to reconcile with the fact that I only wear black the t-shirt would have this modified logo:

Please enjoy these splash screens for a hypothetical software offering from Suricrasia Online!

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