And another new book for the Online Library!

Pointillism And Its Applications
G. Appasami, M.A., M.E.A., M.Phil., M.Tech. (Ph.D.)

Donated by @gaditb

seriously there's like a complete lack of any frequencies above maybe 20 cm in wavelength

here is my "Spring Has Sprung" demo in png format :3

if you use pngtopnm you should get the python code out of it, unless mastodon tries to compress it further

Another new book for the Suricrasia Online Online Library!

Recursive Semiotics (243rd Edition)
Douglas D. D. B. Bradford — Inductive Publications — 2019

Donated by @diodelass

I think this is probably the best cover design I've done in quite a long time

And now... Another Book!!!

"How To Tell Your Family That You Accidentally The Computer"

Title and author by @sc (which has been kicking around in my trello for ages but only now have I gotten around to making it)

Here's another book donated by the University of Iapetus Eternal Depths Borehole Archive!

Donated by @diodelass

"ANSI Escape Sequences: Your Guide to Making a Safe and Expedient Exit From Working at One of America’s Most Prominent Standards Bodies"

posting this here again with the hope that it'll spur me to write more of it...

(this is a work of fiction)

And another one! From @diodelass

Identity Hashing and its Applications for Stateless Autonaming of Nodes in Type-G & Type-F Collective Cognitosystems

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