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@SuricrasiaOnline this video bothers me so much because it's fake and I know it's fake because I saw it when it was made but it will now be accepted as the truth because it's funnier and punchier

@SuricrasiaOnline this particular event is inconsequential but every time I see it I'm now just like "this has happened thousands and thousands of times across the course of history" and I feel a kind of despair about ever knowing the past accurately
it's like when you go read a trivia book you had as a kid but cross-reference everything with snopes and jstor and it's just awful

@SuricrasiaOnline also at one point I was thinking "well what does the SCP Department of Memetics actually RESEARCH they can't just all be going around getting infected by pieces of paper" and I reckon this is a high-level topic for them; the shape of ideas that makes them either sticky or slippery. why did the Indian Rope Trick stick, for example? and this would have significant non-anomalous consequences for public messaging - if you can make your cover-up explanation sufficiently sticky it's going to significantly reduce the amount of amnestics you need to use.

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