tetra and I are playing a game we invented and even though the rules are ostensibly simple, the results look like we're hacking the gibson


here were the rules after a few hours of tweaking 

each player has their own 7x7 grid.
before the start of the game, the players choose three cells and put 1a, 1b, and 1c in them. these represent the current position of three different chess knights.
on their turn, a player "checks," "moves," and "checks."

to "check," the player asks the opponent if one of their knights is currently at a particular coordinate. they either respond "miss," or on which turn that knight was on that square. if the knight is actively on that square, it dies. both players mark the checked square. a player cannot check a square one of their own knights currently occupy.

to move, the player chooses one of their living knights and moves it according to the normal rules for knight movement.

after movement, the player "checks" a different square, then the turn ends.

if all of the player's knights are killed, or they can't move any living night on their movement turn, they lose

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here were the rules after a few hours of tweaking 

this game ends up sounding like:

- Alpha Seven?
- Bravo Three?
was on 2 (it was there after moving twice from the starting position)
Alpha Two?
- dead on 3 (knight is there and took 3 moves to get there)
Gamma One?
- miss

here were the rules after a few hours of tweaking 

forgot to mention, knights can't go to previously visited or checked/marked squares. basically if the cell has any text at all, the knight cannot move there

here were the rules after a few hours of tweaking 

this doesn't sound like a lot of information sharing but keeping track of everything in the grid with a coherent notation is surprisingly tricky (e.g. things get complicated when you "check" a square a knight used to be on, only to find that one of the opponent's knights used to be there too)

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