ok I'll do it. I'll post a favourite game of mine for every like I get

#1 CSI Furry Forensics for the PS2

got this game bundled with the PS2. what a title. you've got mystery, intrigue, and cute cats. shame it's so hard to find now.

#2 My Elegiac Nightmare for the PS2

the local spank heads games was having a clearance sale back in 2008 and I picked this up. really fun gameplay for what is effectively a SHMUP VN with light puzzle elements. had an online asymmetric battle arena mode!

@SuricrasiaOnline oh!! yeah i saw this one on your website
is...any of the stuff on suricrasia.online/library real? /gen
bc a lot of it looks really cool and i wanna really check them out, i'd be really Pissed On if these were just the covers


@akirapink nothing on my website is real, unfortunately

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@SuricrasiaOnline that's a shaaaaame
these are really fucking good though, good job

@SuricrasiaOnline particularly mesmerized at how good the crustiness on some of them look

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