was going to make a big flag for the trans pride march, but I left it to the last minute so I think I'll make a sign instead

what should the sign say? (mastodon poll)
I will rephrase them to make more sense, masto's poll character limit is very short

I think I will do this on one side (plus an oxford comma) and the plea to family doctors of ontario on the other side

@SuricrasiaOnline I like the message and typesetting! but it might be too much text to put on a sign for a march

@variance @SuricrasiaOnline what if you put the dates? with the thing next to them?, then just NOT EXPERIMENTAL at the bottom?

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline ooo that could work! thinking more about it I might’ve been nitpicking that sign a bit bc it should still scan fine in still photographs and the like. (I could overthink signs for hours lmao)

@variance @SuricrasiaOnline colours might help parts of it stand out a bit too, which btw i have tons of markers if you want any blackle

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance i think i liked the centered better - with the name-left-number-right it's actually kinda hard to line up which number goes with what, not "really" hard but it does make the brain skip a beat and have to catch up

maybe consider bolding all four numbers though?

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance and possibly underlining the "not"

anyway i think i've seen the rest of the thread (whatever federated anyway) i think th centered one is the best

honestly, unpopular opinion i'm kinda tired of the pattern of emphasizing *not* really hard.

i feel like it would make the sign feel a bit unbalanced, maybe just underline the whole last but? maybe italics?

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance

@binarycat @lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline @variance it's ugly but every time someone makes a conscious decision to avoid emphasizing it two people will read something for the first time and fail to see it

@SuricrasiaOnline i hope this doesn't come off as grammar police but i think a colon after "Ontario" would help prevent a garden path sentence

@SuricrasiaOnline my lived experience with gps of ontario may be biasing me here but I really like this one

medical malpractice 

@variance @SuricrasiaOnline yeah same. i literally took the sherbourne guide to my gp, he looked at it and then revealed that his coworker's daughter wrote it, then said he still wasn't comfortable prescribing and made me wait nine months to get referred to Toronto lol

medical malpractice 

@lunalapin @SuricrasiaOnline lmfao extremely similar experience on my end! I used a school computer to print the entire wpath standards of care and my gp refused to prescribe me and only then tried to actually refer me lmfao (though he had no connection to the writers)

then I ended up using that printed book anyway to advise a campus doctor whom I had to convince to monitor my hormones bc the prescriber I found myself was remote lmfao

now I have a new gp thankfully!

@SuricrasiaOnline hmm

It's real good but it's a lot of words for a sign.

How does it look with invention years instead of text?

@SuricrasiaOnline personally, i would drop "than" to the next line. i think the first three words should be the emphasis at the start

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