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it appears that the SEO optimum is "repeat common search terms but in natural language" and so now every google result for thing like "fix coil whine" or "toilet not filling" are FAQ style posts by domains you've never heard that are like:

How to fix coil whine?
What causes coil whine?
Can coil whine cause damage?

the search situation is dire because sure "toilet not filling" doesn't tend to have misinformation, but if any schmuck can register a 4 dollar domain and get gpt2 to blast out some misinfo that the google algo loves and make bank on advertising (also sold by google) then how am I supposed to trust google when I ask it about things that tend to have common misconceptions or falsehoods like pest remedies or medical symptoms?

here's a hint. if you're on a page you found through google, ctrl+f for the phrase "Amazon Services LLC Associates Program"

I wish got a full-book search engine like hathitrust

@SuricrasiaOnline What's the shortcoming with the "text contents" search option?

@SuricrasiaOnline huh dang. we usually are searching for phrases in quotes or multiple words with each in quotes, maybe that's revelant - like:


@noyovo ohhh weird. I was searching on this page:
I'll have to use this page from now on

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@SuricrasiaOnline lol yeah they don't make it obvious tbh! but once you find it it's great. the homepage should be but also the top right search box should have it as an option for any page in that category. the "books" page might just mean stuff that's "officially" uploaded by an IA employee somewhere, which is a lot but far from all the text/docs/books on there

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