The Consentacles of Prime Intellect

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@alexis I've had the word "consentacles" in my back pocket for the last 2 months

@SuricrasiaOnline this appears to have been the right time to take it out, but i suppose i can't be sure this soon after reading six words that briefly unraveled my entire brain

@alexis ernest hemingway and his baby shoes better watch out

@SuricrasiaOnline i mean benjamin franklin thought his leyden jars were pretty neat too but we've all learned a lot about electron theory since then

@alexis are you saying my posts are going to be in some future museum of the history of psionic weaponry

@SuricrasiaOnline i don't think i can agree that "weaponry" is the right word. i'm not sure about "technology" either but that feels a lot closer. not least because, while i think i understand why it's there, i don't remotely buy your claim of harmful intent

@SuricrasiaOnline which is more confusing? the way your vision fills with migraine aura when you try to look at it, or the way you're pretty sure that if you could see it clearly it would look like a spork?

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