tired of being unable to right click and save an image? sick of developers using divs with "background-image" instead of an img tag? transparent 1x1 pixel gifs getting in your way?

with the right-click borescope, now everything is possible! links below~


@cirno what menu is this and in what browser?

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@SuricrasiaOnline In Firefox, you can click on the lock in the address bar, then click on the "Connection Secure" and then "More Information".

This is how I get around these annoying unsavable images, personally.

@cirno Ah, so that's where they've hidden it now :flan_eyeroll:. Show page info used to be directly in the right-click context menu, but hey, who needs that kind of convenience nowadays...


@galaxis I know, that's why I know about it to begin with :D

If I had to go through the modern hoops, I probably would've never seen it. Which is ridiculous, as it's a very useful tool.

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