just uploaded my tool to let you make an embedable bandcamp-style player for selling music on (or anywhere you can embed html+js+assets)

here's how it looks on

basically you upload the exported zip to itch and set it to "this file will be played in the browser"

then you can upload a zip with higher quality audio and make that purchasable

it hasn't even been 24 hours since bandcamp announced the aquisition. public domain programming gets shit DONE

I made the link public so there's a smaller chance that it will disappear

a little roadmap in order of importance:
- importing of previously exported zips for editing
- bulk import of mp3 files, with data automatically populated by ID3 tags
- built-in mp3 re-encoder to give the option of reducing audio quality for public listening
- make the player work good on mobile when embedded on

made a video explaining how to use it, and best practices I found to make it look as good as possible on the store page :>

@SuricrasiaOnline Less "public domain programming" and more "one shark" in this case, but cheers for making it and making it freely available!

@SuricrasiaOnline on Android it only works fullscreen and forces it landscape

@easrng yeah, on itch it requires a fixed width unfortunately. allegedly dynamic sizing only works for unity projects

@SuricrasiaOnline Also the entire track name should be a link to play, not just the play/pause button.

@SuricrasiaOnline what about other formats *cough* lossless *cough*

@joe if selling on, you can upload a zip file that contains lossless files, which a person gets access to after payment. though also according to caniuse you should be able to add flac already and it should work on most browsers. haven't tested tho

@SuricrasiaOnline @joe One of the great quality control features of Bandcamp is that it *only* allows lossless uploads.

@SuricrasiaOnline @joe Bandcamp also requires entering metadata for tags when uploading.

@SuricrasiaOnline ahhh, thank you!! I've been thinking about using itch now

@SuricrasiaOnline unrelated but looking forward to more music! didn't expect to enjoy these so much :)

@SuricrasiaOnline "bigtittyrenamon.mp3", obviously targetted to a certain audience.

@SuricrasiaOnline if I wouldn't work for a company I'd actually start my own Bandcamp with Blackjack and Hookers. I already know how to detect copyrighted music.

@koyuchan I've taken to saying "without blackjack and hookers". Very fitting considering Epic's business model (loot boxes, i.e. gambling).

@SuricrasiaOnline this is awesome, i'd honestly forgotten that things besides games were on itch, but having a familliar interface for it like this really makes it seem like a good alternative

@SuricrasiaOnline holy fuckin shit, i didn't even think about selling my music on itch, and now this? thanks!

@SuricrasiaOnline no that's impossible, you can't make anything good with vanilla js! im reporting you to the licensing board for programmers.

(no joke, i plan to self host some music on my website, and was looking for something just like this. thank you, thank you)

@SuricrasiaOnline i've been thinking about m3u or making a more modern replacement of it. because i like the idea of offline playlists.
what do you think of this :blobcatrainbow:

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