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what is the most honest-to-god anomalous thing you've ever encountered/experienced? an unexplainable thing that still haunts you to this day?

for me it's the time that exactly one youtube video on my tumblr music blog got replaced with an extremely creepy video where some dude tries to seduce lesbians. I have no idea why this happened and I deleted it almost immediately

it's still so weird to me bc like, did someone hack my account for just that purpose? why?? was it a youtube video's ID getting reused? I thought that never happens. I was living with ppl at the time, did someone use my computer while I wasn't looking???

I also only watched like, the first 10 seconds because it freaked me out. it was like, cell phone video quality with fucking, paragraphs of ranty text spinning overtop like a powerpoint transition

another occurrence, more light hearted.

one time I was on an inter-city bus and at about 50% through the ride I became convinced that the person sitting next to me would:
1. get off at the first major stop
2. forget one of their bags

I actually got quite annoyed that I would have to wait for so long before I had to stand up, tap them on the shoulder as they were leaving, and tell them that they forgot their bag


I was correct on both counts. the first major stop came and they started getting up, forgetting their bag in the overhead compartment. I stood up and tapped them. "you're forgetting you're bag." they thanked me and took it. felt like a mom

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before you think I was overzealous in tapping them, they were already a few feet down the aisle. they straight up would've forgotten it

I just noticed my "you're" typo and now it sounds like I reminded a person that they, physically, were a bag

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