wild that catholicism has a probationary period

@SuricrasiaOnline ………do you mean purgatory or is there something Else

@SuricrasiaOnline @nev

I was confirmed and baptised in one go on the same day as my sisters baptism in 1980 as my parents forgot to do this in 1972, so the priest said to them "the Pope is having an amnesty at the moment, so bring in any others you have had and not told us about" 😆

@vfrmedia @SuricrasiaOnline i cackled

the dates tripped me up for a moment as in Reform Judaism, confirmation is at 16

@nev @SuricrasiaOnline the age can vary wildly for Roman Catholicism, even in comparatively recent times. Nowadays its about age 14/15, and the teenager must consent themselves (rather than their parents deciding)

@SuricrasiaOnline hahahaha oh

apparently in the 300s people would put off baptism until the absolute last moment, like deathbed, because if it totally washed away all sins, basically guarantees heaven right? before that, they were considered "catachumens" (instructees). the church then patched this glitch

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