spent the weekend trying to make a QR code reader for extremely blurry QR codes. it takes a shit ton of time to run but it sorta works?

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like with all my projects, it just uses simulated annealing

I wanted to see what was actually on the barcodes of the ID passes for the expo in this video:

I took two frames from around 8:58 and determined it might be "y20t8h3xavb5re BZac " which is... nonsense, but the difference between the frame and the generated QR code is very small

here's the final fit if anyone wants to play with it

according to a verbose decoder I have, there is only 1 error that needed correcting

@SuricrasiaOnline maybe it's my age but all I can see in this blurry picture is trucks in a desert, with elevator/launcher equipment, and hard evidence of a WMD program

That video is good, but the intro is on a whole other level. Really well done stuff 😃

Did you see the video Boyboy did on this? Very similar concept and execution:

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