are we sharing debugging war stories?
one time I was debugging why a c++ source file wasn't being rebuilt when its corresponding header changed.
turns out the makefile generator had a bug where it would skip the first during dependency gen if the file had a unicode BOM

basically every c++ build system that does depedency generation had this bug. it's such a simple pattern to read a line, check if it starts with '#', and skip otherwise. breaks down with a BOM (which is invisible on most text editors, mind)

another time I was debugging some javascript code that was injected into an html renderer. code crashed on a simple debug statement. problem was the javascript was concatenated with minified jquery, and the jquery source had a comment at the end with no newline

so concatenating the jquery file with the source file meant the first line of the file also became a comment.
that first line was the one-line declaration for the debugging function

lots of "first line of the file was ignored because reasons" issues i had this one matlab exercise that had wrong output and I couldn't figure out the cause

asked my prof and he couldn't spot the problem either

i rewrote it from the ground up, doing basically the same thing, and worked

never figured what was wrong

@not_on_pizza if it's on line 2 then it's fine, since a newline will follow the byte order mark

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