ok but imagine if computer programming had the same air of artistry as custom furniture or street fashion

*in the same voice as a product listing for a reclaimed teak office desk* this robust and hand-crafted compression algorithm was written in c99 and compiled using our specialty in-house compiler. The source code was delicately typeset with care taken to ensure that each line was indented with just the right number of tab characters

@SuricrasiaOnline I'm not going to buy it unless I know where all the bits were grown and who harvested them.

@SuricrasiaOnline I wish I could bet against that being a real product offing in 10-20 years.

@SuricrasiaOnline I like calling the tools/stuff I make on my free time "software carpentry" though as a term it's already been used before to mean something else :/

@SuricrasiaOnline "these cgi-bin scripts, lovingly hand-crafted in the early 2000s, are a striking example of the world wide web movement's early fascination with repurposing earlier forms and embrace of locally-available materials. a perfect fit for any home that seeks to blend rustic tradition with the foredoomed optimism and technical exuberance of the turn of the century."

@SuricrasiaOnline I love this idea. I think I read the term #heirloomcomputing somewhere. And the #uxn community seems to have lots of folks that think like this.

@SuricrasiaOnline I feel like that's what demoscene, procedural generation maker and DIY hardware maker do for decades now.

@popolon @SuricrasiaOnline The best software engineers do care about elegance, simplicity, readability, logical structure, encapsulation and minimalism.

The worst software engineers just copy and paste code all over the place and keep editing the code at random until it compiles and can, with care, be made to work. You do not want to depend on code produced like that. You *certainly* don't want to have to maintain it.

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