"demoscene" is a great word because whenever someone asks you why you're doing/learning some technical thing you can say "demoscene" and they'll leave you alone

"why are you reading the LZMA specification??"
"ohhhh ok carry on"

"why the fuck are you seeking raw/lossless video formats??"


"Why are you playing pinball on your phone in the elevator in the middle of the workday?"

@SuricrasiaOnline "Look I know you've got eclectic hobbies but uh why are you welding yourself inside a bulldozer and rampaging through the financial district?"
you know why"
"blackle come onnnn"

@SuricrasiaOnline If we were doing that it'd probably be for reverse engineering porpoises. We were figuring out FAT a while back to try and read the Wii's message board. :3

@SuricrasiaOnline love a magic spell that absolves me from having to do computer things Correctly

@SuricrasiaOnline "your honor it's a bit far fetched to call this murder, i was doing a demoscene"


@SuricrasiaOnline Or you can show them something that'll blow their minds.

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