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They're teaching C programming to the kindergarten students at my son Cumbert's school. Personally I think that's a bit too advanced. Can't they start them with python or something?

Wow, I wasn't expecting such a large gamut of responses to this. No, it's C99 not ANSI C. Muting now.

Yes of course I teach Cumbert assembly at home! I just don't trust the teachers to do a good job of it, they might put the other students off it entirely :/


So now I'm getting cancelled for letting my son have a little fun in the garage chip fab? The hydroflouric acid is kept in locked cabinets and even then there's calcium gluconate gel handy (HE'S BEEN TRAINED ON HOW TO USE IT)

Fuck this website.

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@SuricrasiaOnline nonsense, my son Bimothy loves playing with the backyard petroleum cracker, it builds character and he’s only vented the HCF once

@cinebox I remember when I was a little girl I used to help my grandma recycle the molten salt in our backyard reactor. It's pretty important to expose the kids to infrastructure early

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