any good books on the history of c compilers

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interested to hear how the initial bootstrapping of the c compiler to be self-compiling was done there were several variations of self-hosted c between this (which is iirc from 1972) and PCC, which is widely considered the first self-hosted "modern" c compiler, supporting full K&R, rather than being the primeval version that was still evolving in the extremely early unix days from B then again from what i understand, the lines between the early compiler and PCC are somewhat blurry it was a large rewrite by a different author using different concepts, but from what i understand it was still somewhat based on the old compiler even if the result was vastly different

@SuricrasiaOnline Like most traditional compilers, they just hand-assembled it. I know Wirth did that with Pascal, too.

If you don't use many features, it doesn't take that long, and they'd written an OS in PDP ASM already.

@SuricrasiaOnline i believe it's as boring as "write it in assembly"

@SuricrasiaOnline ken thompson's turing award lecture was basically "here's how you can use self hosting to construct an almost undetectable exploit, even if you have the source"

@confusedcharlot I am obligated to post about diverse double compilation in response to trusting-trust:

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