I can't wait for twitter bootstrap aesthetic nostalgia

@SuricrasiaOnline I developed a portal system at work back in the peak of bootstrap, and the design has been left completely unchanged ever since, so I'm still living this every day. I'm honestly pondering how to maintain the look if i ever have to rebuild the thing on a newer tech stack.

@SuricrasiaOnline i might be biased from having built this myself, but I still like the look heh.

@kepstin @SuricrasiaOnline maybe i am old but this looks nit at all old fashioned, and i don’t think bootstrap has gone away.

what rock have I been sleeping under?


@zens @kepstin smooth gradients on buttons is a rare design choice on the web these days, I find

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@SuricrasiaOnline @kepstin people have no independent imagination and slavishly copy whatever apple did this year?

@zens @kepstin a lot of that, and also google's material design philosophy

@SuricrasiaOnline @kepstin for once i wish UI design would shamelessly copy dieter rams instead

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