@SuricrasiaOnline Does this have a name one could search? "typosquat woman" isn't turning up much.

@SuricrasiaOnline i've always read this character as having black hair and a yellow beanie. like Spinelli from Recess

@SuricrasiaOnline ...i guess it is! i never noticed

no idea where it comes from, it's been on my hard drive since 2015

@SuricrasiaOnline to me she was generally the expired domain girl, showing up from dead links and bookmarks as the smirking agent of entropy, sassy reaper of web death

@SuricrasiaOnline after reaping the souls of so many dead sites, eventually most of the essence of the web itself was collected into that black bag, slung behind the smile that mocks our collective loss of the internet that once was and could have been...

@SuricrasiaOnline was "if you know, you know" also one of the titles/slogans on those domain squatter pages? it kinda strikes me as one
the one i remember best was "what you want, when you want it" which always added insult to injury since they were exactly /not/ what you wanted, when you had wanted it

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