anyone know of any interesting ELF binary patching tricks? like LD_PRELOAD but u got root access and wanna make things permanent

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my current "best idea" for replacing a symbol in a .so permanently is:

sed -i 's/my_symbol/#y_symbol/'
create a shared library that defines my_symbol and dynamically links with, and name it

basically then everyone who links with will also get, but the name of the my_symbol we want to override is mangled, so it has to take the one we defined

@libc @SuricrasiaOnline if you fill ldconfig's cache with bogus data, you could probably create some wtf situations

@SuricrasiaOnline i actually had to do something like this at work; objcopy has an option to rename symbols (even dynamically) but not for the dynamic loader section

i resorted to writing a script that basically did what i did in a hex editor to rename symbols. thanks binutils

@SuricrasiaOnline wow twitter absolutely blew this one off the site, i had to switch over to here to see it

@SuricrasiaOnline i've never dug into these kinds of stuff, but isn't there stuff for doing it? my system has patchelf and elfedit, and i thought there was some other binary patching stuff in some less standard package i can't otherwise recall?

@ze woah never heard of either of those, I'll take a look

@SuricrasiaOnline no guarantees that they're relevant, but good luck :)

@SuricrasiaOnline Nix uses patchelf extensively, mostly for setting the RPATH and interpreter of elf files to custom things. It also uses a patched version of ld iirc.

@SuricrasiaOnline FreeBSD has elfctl(1) in base. it's for twiddling bits in a notes header that tell the kernel something about your binary.

a writup of what the bits do:
how it's twiddled:

@SuricrasiaOnline Not super interesting, but still useful: You can set a library lookup path within the ELFdynamic section in the "RUNPATH" string via -Wl,-rpath . It should also be possible to patch this in the header with medium effort.

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