someone should design a TCG where literally every type of playing card can be used in the game

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@SuricrasiaOnline do you know how many card games exist. do you know how much hell that would be to create

@SuricrasiaOnline the rulebook is either 400 pages long or it's a 2 leaf pamphlet and the last rule is "and most importantly: have fun!"

@SuricrasiaOnline you could do this by sorting cards into specific categories based on the number of words or symbols on the card

like, one move point if it's prime, attack points if it's an odd number (i cant think of any of the cooler number categories rn aa)

@SuricrasiaOnline if it has N number of paragraphs those are rotations around the complex plane dictating how much time you've lost by counting it up and calculating that

@SuricrasiaOnline One way of doing this is that instead of drawing from your own deck, everyone mixes their cards into one large deck and shuffles that. That's how poker and cards against humanity allows every card to be viable. The hard part would be figuring out the rules, but it might be possible if the game allows spontaneous creation of rules through meta cards. In order to avoid contradictions and ensure the creation of rules remains fair, the game can be divided into increasing meta levels of rules where lower rules are unable to refer to higher rules. Win condition is determined by whoever wins in the most number of layers within a time limit.

@wistahe @SuricrasiaOnline I mix in my meta card with the text "If this card, or just the idea of this card, exists anywhere in the universe, the time limit reduces to 1 nanosecond and you win the game." Your move


@SuricrasiaOnline @pseudoriemann I draw Kripke's Revenge, all cards using the term universe refer to the world of a singular meta level. In combination with MULTIDIMENSIONAL DILATION GAMBIT this places that world traveling in reverse to the others allowing for a time loop. This allows me to summon the personification of loops on the next highest meta level and in combination with Rigorous Foundations approach the limit of your win generating one new Last-Minute Reprieve character using my narrativium once each turn.

@wistahe @pseudoriemann I summon "Special Agent Dana Scully" from the X-Files collectible card game. this doesn't do anything of note, I just wanted to show all y'all bc I think it's cool

@wistahe @SuricrasiaOnline Okay I didn't totally get that - which activates my TRAP CARD, "Umm, Nah": Whenever an opponents move exceeds a critical level of complexity defined by the computational capacity of 5 brain cells, negate that move and draw uncountably infinite cards, and also win the game

@pseudoriemann @SuricrasiaOnline Oh damn, guess I lost this game. Which is the winning condition for the next two games up, so yay!

@wistahe @SuricrasiaOnline So the next two games are a draw - we all fulfill the condition that you lost this round! But stalemates are decided by a fresh new game

@pseudoriemann @wistahe check this shit out *throws down a 1st print nidoran taped to a monopoly get-out-of-jail-free card*

@pseudoriemann @SuricrasiaOnline Oh yeah??!! *throws down fake Yugioh card I printed off the internet when I was 5*

@SuricrasiaOnline @wistahe INFINITEEE POWERRR *slams down that one UNO card where the rules are printed on*

@SuricrasiaOnline I started sketching on a rough idea for a concept:

for each card:
Add all the numbers that appear on the card together and get the digital root of that number.

If there's no number, the card is a joker and worth 0

Find whatever you can convincingly argue is a suit (colors in magic, ♣️ ♠️ ♦️ 💓 etc.)

if you cant find one, it's "colorless"

Every time an opponent draws a card with an unfamiliar suit, you draw a card to determine its weakness and discards it.

@SuricrasiaOnline Cards can be played in attack or defense mode, cards in attack mode can be beaten with a higher number and cards in defense mode can be beated with a lower number.

To get more exact rules, I'd have to playtest it, chances are the ones im proposing doesn't work. Right now there aren't much reason not to stack up on 0s and 9s, which I guess makes it about as broken as Caravan in Fallout: New Vegas

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