an alternate history where SVG won over HTML. one where someone wrote some javascript that dynamically resizes the SVG viewbox depending on display resolution, and implements a grid-based layout system

because in SVG a block of javascript code can live inside a group tag along-side vector graphics, you can copy scripts between SVG files by clicking on its group in inkscape and copying/pasting

you could imagine that these scripts, because they can be tied to graphics, could be distributed with flashy logos. copying the logo into another SVG file would bring the code with it

so I'm imagining an alternate universe where if you loaded a web page's SVG source in a graphics editor, you'd be able to see all the libraries it uses arranged in a neat row just outside the canvas extents

actually thinking of implementing "svggrid.js" and making a "modern" svg website

I already spent the last 2 evenings working on an SVG-based colour picker


I'm glad i was able to get this working bc now I can share the joy of picking colours for a drawing. when I made the original drawing I got literally giddy with joy lmao

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