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1. DO NOT CLOSE DOORS TO YOUR SLEEPING ROOM. This does nothing but call attention to yourself. Instead, leave them open, and sleep in a spot maximally shadowed by the open doors.

2. Do not sleep in particularily dim or dark rooms. There is a reason the lighting isn't working properly. No, I will not elabourate.

3. If you snore, don't. If you have night terrors, don't.

4. Never sleep in the same place twice, or for longer than 4 hours. If you oversleep, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and create as much distance between yourself and your sleeping location as possible.

5. Do not sleep in a room substantially longer than it is wide. Do not sleep in a room with a particularly low or high ceiling. Do not sleep in a perfectly square room. Do not sleep in a room with an indoor window.


6. Keep track of your dreams. If you dream of pure static or grey, this is normal. If you dream of unholy creatures or impossible geometries, this is normal. If you dream of the frontrooms, WAKE UP IMMEDIATELY AND LEAVE. THEY CAN SMELL THAT.

7. If you are travelling with a friend, don't bother sleeping in shifts. Your "peace of mind" is unfounded and not worth the lost sleeping opportunity.

8. Curl up toward a wall while sleeping. This has two benefits. Firstly, it allows you to shadow yourself from the overhead lighting. Secondly, it hides your face.

@SuricrasiaOnline this is ominous and my attempts to understand are only inciting more emotions of fear

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