@SuricrasiaOnline hell yeah! I had to scrounge for a usb floppy drive that worked properly but luckily i had one to read mine :D

@clarjon1 I need to get a floppy drive for my computer. I have three floppy disks with new stuff on them

@SuricrasiaOnline I obtained at one point a sfd-321u -- a samsung usb floppy drive

i got one in a cool translucent plastic shell :3

@SuricrasiaOnline @clarjon1

there are adapters for floppy connector <-> usb, so you can put an old floppy drive into any modern computer, even if the mainboard doesn't have the old connector anymore.

@guenther @SuricrasiaOnline ooooooo could i get a product name or something for the future?

@clarjon1 @SuricrasiaOnline ideally you would combine that with a mainboard-usb <-> usb adapter inside the case, so you son"t have an internal cable going out of the PC into an external USB port

@guenther @clarjon1 @SuricrasiaOnline "soldered done wires held in place by a blop of hot glue is rather amateurish"

any amplifier manufacturer: "hold my beer"

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