I think it would be really cool if someone hosted a megagame in the form of an isolated mastodon instance where each user roleplays as a political/scientific/journalism authority for various countries

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game rules would just be "here's the website! sign up! it's like twitter! if you want to use it with an app use ____"
wouldn't need to explain federation at all to players

I mean there would be more rules than that but for actually using the site it should be pretty straightforward?

@SuricrasiaOnline very cool idea. Probably a lot of stress to facilitate but otherwise cool.

@SuricrasiaOnline I can't tell if you're suggesting the game have a mastodon instance or that instance use somehow be the primary mechanism of the game

@Tetra I like the idea of it being the primary mechanism but I don't think communicating with people outside of the platform should be disallowed

@SuricrasiaOnline Ok, so everyone's doing the usual logistical & mechanical stuff but the primary means of communication is mastodon?
I feel like I'd need to review every feature on this thing to really understand the ramifications, but I like the idea certainly

@Tetra there's a local timeline which shows all posts made by all people, which could be useful. also I think there may be a lists feature?
I feel like depending on the player's role, they would get an account which follows some relevant people to them by default. like a lead scientist would automatically follow their country's president, the scientists of their allies, some NGOs, etc

@SuricrasiaOnline a lists feature?
Yeah, I'm aware of local. post visibility plays with that idea though, you can make a post not show up on local, not show up on your profile at all unless someone's following you, or just PM people
this also raises questions like can you soft block on masto? I've never had occasion to try but I'd assume that's a thing, and potentially a useful one here
Since it's its own instance, another important question is what extra functionality could be added?

@SuricrasiaOnline i see this going, uh, interesting directions

Can't wait for the inevitable "anti-vaxxer becomes lead medical scientist"

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