AI safety necessitates a exact, normative model of ethics. normative here means it's based on principles and not "general opinion"

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no amount of "should the self driving car swerve?" polls will bring us there

a moral compass can help you navigate your life, your normal small-scale human experience. like walking through the woods.

an AI is like buidling a rocket ship. you need moral telemetry, moral GPS.

we already have non-human agents running around doing massive, large-scale shit and the morality system is "uhhh let's hope it turns out ok?"

I'm of course talking about corporations. but at least corporations have a little moral compass in most computation nodes (workers)

the axies "proletariat vs bourgeois" and "human motive vs profit motive" are pointing in very similar directions

@SuricrasiaOnline ai and corperations do have the same problem .. and that is while neather of them are imoral or a moral , they both cam be a way of doing something indefinitely so like with oil the goal "tap as much oil possible and sell it as cheaply as possible" in 1850 would have been actively altruistic as it w ould have gone of feeding starveling ppl with engines and putting electric and eliminating open coal and its health problems, but doing the same in 2020 leads to climate change

@swordsie @SuricrasiaOnline I really don't think you can ever rightly paint those involved in the [historical] exploitation of fossil fuels as altruistic.

At the very best you can paint them in the same light as bill gates, I guess? Philanthropy is just buying indulgences for the modern age.

@IrisKalmia @SuricrasiaOnline

i mean in the modern age there is an argument that apple and Microsoft are altruistic or at least were altruistic till the year 2010 or so like a lot of ppl properly even a supermajority really do earnestly believe that apple and Microsoft have there good intentions at heart

@swordsie I'm unable to tell
if you're speaking of your self in that group.

@IrisKalmia personally i would pt them turning evil a bit earlier , in the mid 90's when they started forcing choices onto users

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