"Because the dose with this formula is so much smaller than the oral dose, doing the conversion can produce 10 months’ worth of stickies for every month’s worth of tablets"

I hope hatsune miku doesn't patch this out of minecraft


@SuricrasiaOnline haha yesss i used to bucally administer my grey market estradiol. it ruled in terms of economising.

@SuricrasiaOnline @shoofle Do y’all think it would offensive or awesome to refer to this sort of effort as “hedge medicine”?

@SuricrasiaOnline the more i research, the more i feel like this could be a pretty ideal route that everyone seems to be sleeping on!
using the pills sublingually seems a fairly common method, i've even seen it recommended by doctors from plume in vids and such, but i've also seen warnings about swallowing it in saliva and the unwanted metabolites... i wonder how much of a concern that is with these?
i'm also wondering how willing doctors tend to be to work with patients intending this route?

just saw this boosted & am so glad for this:

Even if I could synthesize estradiol at home I would still want to purify and measure it, and all that would take a bunch of specialized equipment.

Seeing some folk contemplate making their own put me in mind of this:


not a hormone but a dietary supplement, so there are a lot of differences. but still.

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