I've been buying hot clothes and I'm going to be hot in public once I can go out with friends safely again 😤

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@SuricrasiaOnline Did you know that it has a +99.98% recovery rate? Asymptomatic spread was also proven to be false so as long as you and your friends aren't showing symptoms you all should be safe.

If you get sick there is therapeutic cures such as hydroxychloroquine + zinc + vitamin C, D, & Zinc. When taken as prescribed by a doctor you are completely cured in 3-5 days.

Live your life freely. Don't live in fear over what tyrants who seek to control you with medical tyranny tell you to do.

@thephilosopher "Asymptomatic spread was also proven to be false", "therapeutic cures such as hydroxychloroquine + zinc + vitamin C, D, & Zinc", "completely cured in 3-5 days"…

@daniel_bohrer Sorry that the truth makes you feel uncomfortable. We've all been lied in order to enact an era of global medical tyranny. It has been very hard for many of us to deal with on a daily basis.

The research is out there for you to discover and verify independently. Both from official sources and from distinguished medical professionals whose findings are being actively surpressed. This is a journey you must take yourself in order to think critically and freely.

@thephilosopher I see. With your phrasing, this discussion is over for me, because there is too much that doesn't keep up to Occam's razor.

@daniel_bohrer It's ok. Many things in life are too complex and require sincere effort for people to understand. It is much easier to give up instead of verifying claims for yourself.

We can't wake everyone up to the truth. All one can do is try and hope for the best when teaching people how to finally start thinking for themselves. Instead of believing what they are told by their false masters.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck in life. I hope one day you discover the truth for yourself.

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