wonder what would happen if you just fucken loaded a bunch of proteins related to hormone production into a plasmid and squirted it all over some ecoli

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@SuricrasiaOnline like the guy who did crispr-cas in his basement home to get rid of lactose intolerance

@SuricrasiaOnline well for e. coli you'll need quite a bit of them because these also don't make cholesterol by default (only animals make these in majority, fungi make a slightly different molecule and also a tiny bit of cholesterol)

also extracting these proteins and hoping they get into the cells is also, well, yeah,

doing GMOs is not that hard (we actually did experiment with this in high school, and this was not a rich school), but I guess getting the genetic material for these proteins (instead of the deafult "make these baceria glow" stuff) is probably going to be costly

@SuricrasiaOnline so I guess the steps would be

1. find you a bioengineer who can get fungi to make much more cholesterol

2. give them the genes to make all the enzymes needed here: (though iirc at least the Cholesterol side-chaincleavage enzyme causes the generation of oxygen radicals, which also needs to be handled by other stuff)

3. find some way to extract and purify the hormone yield

@SuricrasiaOnline somehow I have the feeling that "making this sound not 100% impossible" is going to have bad consequences later on

@SuricrasiaOnline also if you're willing to genetically modify *yourself*, there are some genes (I forgot the names, gah) you can enable/disable so that your gonads suddenly start producing the other hormone (though if you switch to T this way, you'll also need some way to inhibit aromatase)

downside is, your gonads will atrophy due to that (as they're grown to survive on the other thing), and probably stop making anything in the long term

also good luck getting these genes into the right cells of your body, especially if they're not easily accessible (which is the case here)

@pcy this doesn't help me unfortunately bc I don't have gonads. I've always thought it would be cool if there was some kind of extra implantable gland that could be made, but that's even further out than just gene therapy-ing what I currently have

@SuricrasiaOnline yeah but, getting your body to accept that is already a huge can of worms

@SuricrasiaOnline I mean I guess you could create a virus and infect yourself with it so that it'll end up injecting its own genetic material in your cells, but this really sounds like something out of a bad scifi novel

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